The Collective Sound nurtures tomorrow’s creative innovators and leaders by developing music resources, programs and environments. These include summer camps, summer tours, after school programs, and media content. Our related programs are optimized by centralizing our curriculum, marketing, PR, accounting, production, administration and equipment/resource management.

Our Goal

The goal of The Collective Sound is to present youth with an authentic musical experience in writing, performance, recording, and touring through the vehicle of rock, electronic and popular music and to challenge the current boundaries of music education.

Organization Summary

Our curriculum includes music theory, songwriting, music technology, video, photography, guest lectures and clinics, field trips, live performance and touring. Our programs utilize the current state of rock, electronic and popular music and in turn creates media in the form of print, audio, video and online content serving as a resource for continued growth and accessibility to a wider audience. The Youth Movement CoOp Tours allow the opportunity to take field trips and participate in events with our youth sponsors and partners. Our tours reach out to additional organizations with similar audiences with the goal of creating awareness as it relates to health, cultural, social and environmental issues.
The Collective Sound is founded on the principles of promoting and empowering young musicians to develop confidence in their creative potential and to create opportunity for kids to grow and explore music in a landscape where their options are limited. Students will not only develop a skill set that will aid them in their musical proficiency, but in many of the challenges that will face them in life. The ability to develop ideas, communicate them with others, and share them with the world is an invaluable practice, one that has been provided few spaces in the current education system. The Collective Sound is that confluence, nurturing tomorrow’s creative innovators and leaders, in what is arguably the only environment providing creative collaboration.