The Myth

By October 18, 2015Art, Film, Music, Philosophy

Thoughts and feelings are the intangible wasteland humans must traverse in order to communicate. Often we come up short in capturing our perspective using the fundamental tool of language. The distance between the realization and actualization of an interpretation, of emotions or ideas, too complex for words becomes an insertion point for art. I have defined the “myth”  as this unknown wasteland  in which an artist chooses to inhabit, a place where ideas, thoughts and feelings could never be communicated verbally. It’s not in an attempt to overcome the indecipherable as much as a presentation of an alternate perspective on the abyss of the human condition, often still left open to each individuals interpretation.

 For a story teller it is a perspective on the emotional core, a clarification of values, and an amplification of voice consistently across mediums to tell the whole story in its entirety. Art very quickly can become an exercise in cross  media proficiency, the best artists can transpose from medium to medium without loosing the impact of the “artistic idea”. The essence of art is this perspective on the aforementioned  wasteland. In that sense artists are that vessel of interpretation, helping to present a perspective on the unknown in which the audience can assert their perspective and connect with the story in a way that makes it their own.

Is the Myth real, I’m no sure, to be honest I’m not sure if I exist or if this is just a dream. You see the thing about a dream is that when you wake up, it is only then that you realize you where the only one actually in it, making it up as you went, pulling all the parts and people together into some version of the story that made sense to you in that moment.

So this is my dream… my art, my stories, told through varying mediums, for myself, for clients, for the love of dreaming/art/creativity and sometimes just for fun.