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ZAC SMITH (Zacs Myth Inc.): Male Fit Model – Medium 40 Tops, 32 x 32 Bottoms

I am a full time medium/32 Fit Model based out of southern California, also working in San Francisco, Denver, & Austin. I have been fitting professionally  for over 10 yrs under my own agency, ZacsMyth Inc.

A fit model is responsible for representing a brands physical fit based on target customer for body measurements, shape, proportion and means. As the model I fit garments throughout the production lifecycle providing feedback on fit, function and comfort based on objective customer expectation. This includes modeling clothing/accessories in the evaluation of aesthetic fit, technical fit and/or being active in testing the functional fit of garments/accessories during prototyping stages. There is a lot of travel involved between clients, so maintaining an organized schedule and communications is crucial. Great fit models are required to have excellent people skills, communication skills, and can articulate how garments fit, feel, and perform. Fittings can go for hours in front of large groups of people so communicating consistent and effective feedback in a timely manner is always my goal.

Staying physically fit and on spec to my target key body measurements is important to ensure fit consistency. Maintaining specs and weight are always a big part of my lifestyle choices. I surf, rock climb, practice yoga, and snowboard as well as balance workouts to maintain consistency. I have a fit form (mannequin) that I make available to my customers for side by side comparisons, quick checks between fittings and quality control at factories.


Zac has been a tremendous asset as we’ve built Chubbies. He’s so much more than a fit model. Having sat through retail fittings for the past decade, I can tell you he brings professionalism, insights and dependable consistency to an piece of our business that was previously unpredictable. Since joining us as our regular fit model, we’ve seen reduction in returns, increase in LTV and have witnessed an overwhelmingly positive improvement in the products we put out. His personality and low-key nature are also incredible to have around the office. He’s a fixture of our product development process and having traveled with him around the world, he’s a fun addition to our team.

Rainer CastilloFounder at Chubbies

Working with Zac is such a pleasure! He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his work and adds a tremendous amount of value to our product development process. His years of experience make him a wealth of knowledge in fit/sizing, the retail landscape and product. Zac has a fantastic attitude and goes above and beyond to do a great job. He is extremely professional and a true joy to work with! If you need a great model, I recommend reaching out to Zac!

Amy McClellandDirector of Technical Design

Zac has been a major help in our house brand's growth. We've been working with Zac for over two years now. His technical knowledge has helped standardize our fit blocks, and we've seen an overall decline in return rate across all categories. His home studio has made the transition to remote work much more manageable. It's a key reason we've been able to continue to hit our product milestones. I would highly recommend Zac to both new and well-established brands.

Brian RatherDirector of Product and Design

My team and I love working with Zac! He is a consummate professional. He maintains his body well, he is courteous and conscientious in his feedback, often making actionable and smart suggestions for improvement on fit and/or style. His active lifestyle allows us to not only see garments in live fit, but get input on how active garments will wear in intended use. Since working with Zac we have seen our client fit feedback improve significantly year over year. Zac has proven to be such an important tool in our fit approval process. (Special note! During the pandemic, Zac set up an amazing virtual fitting set up in his personal space that allowed us to continue to fit and approve styles without in person fitting.) We feel so lucky to have Zac as part of our team!

Mary Sue WantorekTechnical Design Manager

Zac is by far the most talented men’s fit model that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only is he professional but his feedback and insight into fit and garment construction is unparalleled. He has truly set the bar high and can support any brand in taking their apparel fits and quality to the next level. Friendly, personable, punctual, and very easy to work with. Fit sessions aren’t always smooth sailing but using Zac makes a profound difference.

Kati Kai EngleSenior Apparel & Textile Designer at Catch Surf®

Zac is a professional. I have had the good fortune of working on fit and catalog photography with Zac in a technical product category, his experience, practical knowledge, and willingness to share his insights and opinions on a very humanistic level has made his services invaluable. He is always professional, punctual, and respectful of everyone’s time, his ability to communicate relevant knowledge is immediately apparent, and contributions exceed expectations. Simply stated, Zac is a pleasure to work with.

Mark MachadoCo Founder at Firesign Brand

Zac is one of the few truly professional fit models in the industry. I could always count on him to show up on time, respond to my emails quickly, and to be presentable. And most importantly he stays true to his size year after year.

Nabad ReynosoDirector of Technical Design

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