Dress Form

ZacsMyth: Male Full Body Professional Dress Form

My forms are used by many top brands to provide a consistent standard between fittings with designers, sample rooms, sourcing offices and factories. With the addition of my custom body dress form clients can ensure that everyone in their production lifecycle is on the same page.

My form was developed over a several year process through analyzing consumer data across the fashion and apparel industry. First I worked with a team to develop an active exercise plan to achieve and maintain the desired body measurements. Once those specs were achieved, I had a 3d body scan done and a form made that best matches the medium (40) top, 32×32 bottoms, consumer markets.

The ZacsMyth fit form is the same quality and make form you would get from other fit form providers, without the high price and hassle of service up-sells. Our goal was to provide the best quality form available to everyone with no additional frills or gatekeepers. ZacsMyth fit forms can be customized to best fit your target customer on request, feel free to contact us for pricing on standard and custom forms.



  • Soft Make
  • Collapsible Shoulders
  • Detachable Arms
  • Detachable Shoulder Caps
  • Detachable Left Leg
  • Form Stand with Locking Wheels
  • Free Standing Leg Attachment
  • Head (on request)
Collapsible shoulders for easy dress
Removable arms with full sleeve and shoulder cap
Adjustable height stand with removable hanger bar for freestanding or head addition
True to size