Virtual Fitting - Fit Model Setup

If you are interested in virtual fittings or learning more about my setup please feel free to contact me.

  • Shipped items are steamed before fitting and either hung or laid out flat.
  • I have 2 video feeds into the conference, one closeup view and one full view (with full body mirror opposite) so attendees can quickly get a sense of the garment.
  • For closeups I use a front facing iPad pro, in portrait aspect ratio, on a quick adjust stand making sure to keep the angle straight on and level.
  • for a full side view I use a Sony Alpha with Zeiss lens in landscape aspect ratio, via HDMI to USB capture device.
  • My laptop runs a camera remote app so that I can take pictures during the fitting.
  • I keep various tapes, rulers, pins, seam rippers, and scissors handy to make adjustments as techs aren’t on hand.
  • Most importantly I use 2 front facing LEDs, at 5.6k (sunlight at noon) color temperature, that match the overhead lights. So that color is true and the feed is never grainy, shadowed or dark.

Overview Video (1 Min)