Wear Test Model

Wear Test Model – Medium 40 Tops, 32 x 32 Bottoms

As a full time medium/32 Fit Model many brands also use me to wear test product and provide feedback before it goes to market.

Once the desired fit has been developed it is just as important to make sure the product functions as the designer intended. It is one thing to dial in a product in the fit room, but making sure it performs consistently over time is an often overlooked crucial step.

As a career outdoor athlete, first competing and working as an instructor in the snow-sports industry, I cut my teeth looking at the nuances of technical outerwear. Fast forward to now and I spend a lot of time rock climbing, surfing, hiking/camping, and doing yoga. Living an active lifestyle is something I consider a part of my job as well as my long time passion. Even more than being a fit model I am a user of technical products and enjoy solving problems in that space.

Not everything I wear test is specific to the outdoors, I provide feedback on everything from swimwear to suits. It is nice to wear test products on a range of customers, but a major difference I bring to the table is years of fittings observing the details of patterns and make. The objective expertise I have acquired from getting dressed all day every day has proven useful in the wear test process.

There is a long list of things I look for and can provide examples of feedback. If you already have a wear test survey I am happy to focus on the information you are requesting.


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